Physical Boundaries in the Aftermath

The Truku creation myth scene, pusu qhuni / btunux, shows the differences in time and space, the overlap and fragmentation of tradition and modernity.
The worldview is limited by borders, but reality exists beyond them. Mines in the mountains and forests and discrete myths point to the social impacts and inner tests, pointing to the fragmentation of language and identity.

Misafaloco' Promoting the Amis / Pangcah Language through Illustrated book

Sharing the journey of promoting the Amis / Pangcah language, from conducting field investigations in tribal communities to establishing a studio and publishing illustrated books. Starting from scratch, using illustration to pass down the stories of the Amis / Pangcah tribe.

Seeing Myself: Our Theatre's Journey of Native Language Promotion

Founded in 2003, the Chiayi-based Our Theatre has been committed to the development and promotion of local cultural content since its inception in its hometown. Based on their own experiences, theOur Theatre will share the three stages and journey they have gone through in promoting their mother tongue.